If you are a recipe hound, like me, then you are very familiar with the Allrecipes website and/or magazine. I currently have a recipe box on their website containing conservatively three thousand, "I'm going to make this someday soon!" recipes.

I'm a fairly adventurous eater thanks to my very cultured parents. I will almost always try something once. It doesn't mean it will end up in regular eating rotation, but I would at least try it.

But when it comes to one of these food combinations, you couldn't even get me to try it But then again, I had a mom who loved to season almost any melon she ate; watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew, it didn't matter. They were all a canvas for salt & pepper.

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I have no problem with normal combos. Of course, hot dogs with ketchup and mustard are standard. Right? Wrong. My best friend's dad would not allow his kids to eat ketchup on hot dogs. Mustard was the only thing you put on hot dogs!

My dad didn't think steak sauce should be used on steak. So, I used it when I was in my teens, just to spite him, but I never did really like it.

Here are seven Weird Food Combinations Allrecipes thinks you should try, and one that my wonderful, but weird mom really liked.

Source: Allrecipes and My Mom