Do you need a job? Hold on, let me ask the question differently. Do you want to make some big money by doing some work in another country?

Well Japan needs ninjas, and you could earn $85,000 being one. No kidding! According to Business Insider, Iga is a small city in central Japan that claims to be the birthplace of the ninja.

Each year the city of around 100,000 swells by around 30,000 as tourists come to experience the annual ninja festival. Unfortunately, Iga is suffering from depopulation and losing its young people, who don't want to live in the rural countryside.

In order to revive the local economy, the mayor of Iga, Sakae Okamoto, is promoting its ninja heritage with the aim of drawing more tourists. But to do that he needs more ninjas, or at least actors, acting like ninjas.

If you can do it, you can earn from $23,000 to about $85,000, which is a really solid salary. The real reason this story got my interest was because my son dressed as a ninja last Halloween. So we already have the costume and the practice.

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