Now that our days are colder and shorter, a new study out from the University of Pittsburgh gives us reason to think about the odd relationship between alcohol and the weather - how much you drink could depend on where you live.

The study was recently published online in Hepatology and showed that as temperatures dropped and sunlight hours decreased for certain regions, alcohol consumption rose in these areas.

Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh found that those of us living in colder climates, with less sunlight, tend to drink more alcohol than people living in warmer parts of the world.

While studies in the past have shown that colder weather influences alcohol misuse, this is the first study of its kind that investigated cold weather's impact on alcohol intake and its health risks.

When comparing countries across the world, as well as counties in the United States, researchers discovered evidence that climate contributed to more cases of alcoholic liver disease than first thought.

To read more on the study, go to the Hepatology website or to the Accuweather website.

Source: Accuweather

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