Did you know that one of the largest survival communities on earth is right there in South Dakota? It's literally a town of blast-resistant bunkers retired over 50 years ago. Before you roll your eyes, look at how much has changed since the beginning of 2020. It seems planet earth is on an uncertain path so perhaps it's time to look at this again.

Vivos xPoint has aquired former military bunkers located near the Black Hills, just south of the city of Edgemont. The area covers approximately 18-square miles.

The entire area is a former in southwest South Dakota is a former Army Munitions Depot, with 575 hardened concrete military bunkers. Built by the Army Corps of Engineers as a secure base to store bombs and munitions, it was retired in 1967.

The site is reportedly adding a chapel, a general store, a restaurant, gym, shooting ranges, and a bar. And if there's anything needed in a doomsday situation, it's probably a bar.

The bunkers are bomb-resistant and can comfortably sleep 10 to 20 people each. The company also boasts that it has a runway, is completely off-grid, and offers top-notch security. The bunker community has only one road going in and out so the Vivos security team can see anyone - or anything - coming up the road for 3 miles.

What sounds like an apocalyptic sci-fi movie script comes with a price. The bunker, which is 26' x 80' and at least 400 feet from your like-minded neighbor, will set you back $35,000 with an annual ground rent of $1,000.

In the event that above ground is a desolate barren wasteland, these pics will show you what you'll be living in:

Vivos xPoint points out on its website that "Noah didn't wait for the rain before building the ark." In other words, be ready and prepare.

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