The times, they are a changing. It used to be you never talked money at work. That's the way I was brought up, you never shared that information with anyone except your spouse. Well, that's not necessarily the case anymore, at least with millennials.

According to a new report by Bankrate, when it comes to what you're pulling down on the job, nearly half of all millennials admit to having shared their salaries with a co-worker, compared with just 29% of baby boomers.

The belief is, when you think about how millennials use social media, they’re so used to oversharing about anything and everything, it just makes sense that they’re more open to talking about money and pay than their parents.

The research also found a growing number of workplaces that are even encouraging employees to talk about what they make. They actually want co-workers to know what the person sitting next to them is getting paid.

Being a crusty old baby boomer, that may sound fine-and-dandy from the outside, but my advice to you is remember - they might not be telling you the truth. Have you ever thought about that?

Source: Forbes

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