One of the most important things in your life besides family and health, is your job. Your job pretty much dictates your happiness day to day, as well as gives you a means of survival.

Having the right job can make the whole difference in your life. But how do you get hired for the right job?

You have to pass the job interview. Before going in, make sure you are well prepared. Don't just wing it.

Let's face it, we're all in sales. And selling yourself in a job interview is one of the toughest sales you ever have to make.

Millenials who are better at texting than talking seem to be make the most mistakes.

Before you plan what to do, know what not to do. There are things that you can do during the interview that will blow the deal for you.

A survey, conducted by The Harris Poll on behalf of CareerBuilder, gathered responses from 1,014 hiring managers and human resource professionals. The respondents were asked to list the behaviors that would result in them writing off candidates immediately.

The top ten mistakes that were considered to be the worst:
1. Candidate is caught lying about something

2. Candidate answers a cell phone or texts during the interview

3. Candidate appears arrogant or entitled

4. Candidate appears to have a lack of accountability

5. Candidate swears

6. Candidate dresses inappropriately

7. Candidate talks negatively about current or previous employers

8. Candidate knows nothing about the job or company

9. Candidate has unprofessional body language

10. Candidate knows nothing about the industry or competitors

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