Remember the optical illusion of "What Color Is This Dress" from a few years back? Well, this new photo is the latest head-scratcher that's taking the internet by storm. Do you see a dog or a clown? Click the link and decide for yourself!

Photo Credit: Jenny Johnson, Twitter

Some people immediately see a dog in this photo, others see some sort of evil clown and can't see the dog at all. Why is this, and which one is it for real?

When I first saw the picture a few days ago I saw the evil clown and had no idea where the dog even was. It wasn't until a coworker pointed it out to me that I saw the K-9 in the picture. The easiest way to spot the dog is to look for the eyes at the top of the photograph, then when you spot the nose, it's almost impossible not to see the dog.

The funny thing is, once I spotted the dog, I was no longer able to see the clown at all! If you're having trouble spotting the clown yourself, look towards the bottom of the dogs face (where the white fur is, surrounding his mouth) and you should be able to see the sinister clown for yourself.

What's even more difficult is attempting to see the dog and clown at the same time! Try this and you're guaranteed to mess with your brain. Can you see both at the same time?

It's just the latest optical illusion that's circulating on the net. Who could ever forget this dress that baffled so many of us five years ago? For the record, I'm still on team gold for this one.

Credit: SciShow, YouTube
Credit: SciShow, YouTube
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