Have you ever gone into the store with the intention of buying something, then you come out with something totally different? This dog can relate. Except, in the dog's case, the consequences ended up with it getting neutered.

It was supposed to be a simple trip to the local animal hospital for a woman's Doberman to have its teeth cleaned. Instead, it's turned into a local community asking some serious questions about how something like this could happen, and how to avoid it in the future.

Haley Plymale took her two-year-old Blue Doberman, Hanibal to her local vet in Roanoke Rapids, Virginia last Tuesday. Due to COIVD- 19 guidelines, she was not allowed to be inside with her put, but rather, was asked to drop him off curbside.

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While waiting, she noticed another car in line was also dropping off its Doberman. At the time, Haley thought nothing of that, however, she's now wondering if that was the dog that was supposed to be neutered in the first place.

Haley was informed over the phone of what happened by the Veterinarian, who by all accounts, was devastated by the error, as it appears one of the vet-techs made it accidentally.

While Haley says Hanibal is in good spirits as of late, she also wants to be compensated for the mistake, as she was planning to breed the dog in the near future.

For the full story, check out the article at Dakota News Now.

Story Source: Dakota News Now

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