Raise your hand if you've had (or have) a pet that was (or is) part of the family. I'd venture to say most of us have. It may be a dog or cat.

A parakeet or hamster.

Maybe a bunny or a turtle. My daughter's family has dogs  AND cats. My son's family has a dog. You gotta love ol Zip.

The point is, for many folks, that pet has embedded itself into the family and is loved. And when they pass is there a pet cemetery around Sioux Falls?

Pet Cemetery south dakota
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For me as a kid growing up on a little farm, that pet would have been our German Shepard, Sarge. To the day he died, my dad would proudly proclaim "That dog was smarter than a lot of people I know". When Sarge died, it was a sad day for him, my mom, my brother, and me.

As an adult, I had a Dachshund named Coke. Yep, a wiener dog. I loved that pup.

The point is, there are those certain pets that engrain themselves into your heart. And when they die it's tough to say goodbye. And...how to properly say goodbye.

Pet Cemetery south dakota

Is There a Sioux Falls Pet Cemetery?

There are several cemeteries in Sioux Falls, but what about a pet cemetery? Is there a cemetery for Rex or Rover or Puffy or whatever that loved pet is named?

Yes. Well, at least close.

Forever Friends Pet Cemetery is just 12 miles or so south of Sioux Falls on 279th street. That would be just west of I-29 at the Worthing & Lennox Exit. And as far as services and products being offered, they pretty much have it all.

Pickup and transportation for your deceased pet, burials & cremations, chapel services and memorials services.

You can get all the information you need at their website here.

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