It appears as if Self-Checkout lanes are popping up more and more in stores all around Sioux Falls. How do you feel about them?

I hear some folks say they are taking jobs from people who could really use them. I've heard the comment that “I'm not getting paid to work there, why do I have to do the clerk's job?”

The topic of Self-Checkouts was being discussed on Reddit where one member posted: "Amid the Wal-Mart hate, can we remember not to use self-checkout lines? They convert up to a half-dozen jobs for some of the most vulnerable in the workforce into just one."

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Others chimed in on the topic...

ronaldjoop: "You've gotta think about how many jobs it took to design, create, and maintain those service lines. The hint is its more than one job, even tho someone from the store actively watches those lines."

Addictedtochips: "Self-checkouts actually don’t really take away too many jobs, there are people behind the scenes who have to implement these systems, which adds jobs. It just takes away jobs in the store. Plus, I was a customer service manager/bookkeeper, and it took twice as long to balance out the cash in those machines."

KuriousGirl: "The self-checkout it also for convenience and yes there shouldn’t be a day when it’s all automated. People need people to help and solve issues. However, people are also slow, moody, and annoying so if I’m capable enough to understand self-checkout then I rather use it. It’s also limited to the number of items so I’m sure ain’t no robot world taking over us."

So how do you feel? Do you like or hate the Self-checkout lanes?

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