Walmart is one of America's largest and most successful chain stores and often the butt of internet memes and jokes, but the individual shopping experience can vary.

I personally love both of our Super Walmart locations, because I can do more than just one type of shopping at one convenient location. I've recently been conversing with family, friends and co-workers about something that happens at our east side location that a lot of people aren't happy about: greeters checking receipts.

I grew up in a more urban, inner city environment, where this is/was the norm at just about every store, whether grocery, outlet, clothing or mall, so I don't mind. It seems like a lot of Casperites take offense to being treated, as one co-worker so eloquently put it: "like a thief".

Some folks have stated that is a prime reason for no longer shopping at the east side location, although I have not been able to verify whether or not the west side location does the same thing.

So the question is:


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