Do what you fear and you will have the power!

That according to nationally recognized author and life coach Caroline Adams Miller.

Caroline, who has written a best selling book titled Creating Your Best Life, says it's important to break out of one's comfort zone in order to succeed in life.  Although it may be uncomfortable at first, Caroline says the results can be awesome!

In Carol's words---"If you're afraid of going after something, it could be the goal for you.  Too often people pursue goals that others have set for them.  And quite often, these are goals that bring no satisfaction either in the pursuit or attainment of the goals.  The goals that produce results are the ones you set it for yourself.  You will regret not pursuing them if you don't give it a shot.  It might be a goal that falls into the fear category:  I want to publish a book, I want to go after a promotion at work, I want to ask that person out.  Sometimes going out of your comfort zone is an indicator that you're about to take a risk that reaps a huge reward."

Caroline Adams Miller is our featured guest on this week's I Love Life series on KXRB.

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