Leading up to this latest winter store there was one question I kept asking myself, "Will I shovel the snow or use the snowblower? Well, after Sioux Falls received over 6 inches Sunday night and Monday morning the answer was pretty clear after I saw the forecast for this week. However, I didn't factor in what greeted me when I got to work this morning.

The parking lot was being cleared at 4:30 AM as I made my way into the building. After about 90 minutes of work and only seeing a few more staff arrive, I grabbed a shovel to begin clearing the snow near the entrance. To my luck the General Manager and Sales Manager both drove in, each picking up a scoop.

Task completed in under five minutes.

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But even though it wasn't a large area to clear, this snow was heavy. And I'm sure if you did any shoveling today your thoughts were the same.

Ask yourself if you are fit enough to be out moving what some call "Heart Attack Snow" or call a neighbor. Or, let the warmer temps later this week just melt it away.

The older you get that snowblower can be your best friend. Unless you have other friends who unselfishly lend a hand. Or a sunny day.

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