East Nashville-based singer-songwriter Derek Hoke has a new record coming in October, and he's ready to share one of its songs with readers. Below, press play to hear "Bring the Flood," premiering exclusively on The Boot.

The title track of Hoke's forthcoming album, "Bring the Flood" is, as Hoke describes it, a "girl done me wrong" song ... but "more biting" and "more aggressive" than those that have appeared on his past projects. Unwilling to be "the victim of love" any more, Hoke reversed the idea and made "Bring the Flood" into "a revenge-type tune, emotionally speaking."

"Written late one night on my old Fender Telecaster, the lyrics came in short little bursts. Almost like text messages. That's definitely what the first line reminds me of," Hoke tells The Boot. "So I kept writing it that way ... All the while, I'm really the Big Bad Wolf. That was the other part of it ... Because that's how she presented herself to me. Now I'll do the same."

"Bring the Flood" features Ralph Lofton on organ and producer Dex Green playing a "mean and nasty" guitar solo that Hoke says "fits the song just right." Listeners may be surprised to find out that there are only two chords that make up the entire song.

Bring the Flood, the album, is due out on Oct. 13. On the record, the artist collaborates with fellow musicians such as Elizabeth Cook, Aaron Lee Tasjan (both of whom contribute vocals to "Bring the Flood"), Langhorn Slim, Matt Chamberlain and Luther Dickinson. The 10-track project is sprawling and moody, and its songs discuss loss, doom and the struggle to create a better life.

Fans can visit DerekHoke.com to learn more about Hoke, Bring the Flood and his upcoming concerts.

Listen to Derek Hoke, "Bring the Flood":

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