Scammers are always looking for new and better ways to scam consumers and business owners, and they are back at it again.

KSFY TV is reporting there's a new phishing scam making the rounds at the moment. This time, scammers are posing as the Better Business Bureau in an attempt to trick business owners.

The BBB that serves Nebraska, South Dakota, The Kansas Plains and Southwest Iowa told KSFY TV that scammers are currently sending various emails to businesses saying they have been violating the "Fair Labor Standards Act” and the “Safety and Health Act,” in addition to other violations.

The fraudulent emails have one purpose, to get businesses to click on links within the emails, which then allows scammers to download dangerous malware which could possibly infect businesses computers, steal their passwords, and allow scammers access to all sorts of company records.

Should you receive one of these bogus emails, the BBB warns, DO NOT click on the links and attachments.

Businesses need to thoroughly read suspect emails. Look for sure signs that it might be a fake like; misspelled words, grammatical errors, generic greetings such as “Dear member” instead of an actual name, etc.

The BBB also warns businesses to be cautious of suspicious steps asking recipients to click on a specific link now, or your account will be closed immediately.

These are all typical signs that the email is fraudulent and needs to be reported right away.

If by chance you accidentally clicked on one of the links inside a fake email, the KSFY TV report states that you should immediately change your email and network passwords, then notify your local IT provider for the next action steps you should take.

To contact the Better Business Bureau and see a complete list of fraudulent email warning signs and steps you should take to protect yourself click here.

Source: KSFY TV

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