Last week when a woman in Baltic went into labor there was no time to get to the hospital so calm and cool minds got together for a bathtub delivery.

KDLT News' Anndrea Anderson shares the story of a Sheriff's Deputy, a dispatcher and a nervous mom and dad.

Two-week-old Pippon Schneiderman is here today thanks to Deputy Chansey Ford.

Earlier this month, Pippon’s mom, Janna, went into labor in the bathtub of her rural Baltic home.

She said, ‘This isn’t good,” said Dallas Schneiderman. And there was multiple conversations back and forth of, ‘Do I seriously have to call 911? Are you sure I have to call 911?’ Because I’ve never done it in my life and I didn’t want to do it, basically.

When he called, Dallas was connected to dispatcher Jason Harris. As Dallas was on the phone with Harris, Deputy Ford walked in.

At that time, baby Pippon was crowning, but had gotten stuck on her way out.

Deputy Ford helped ease the baby out, but Pippon, was blue, and not breathing. Ford had to save the life she just helped deliver.

My heart is like, ‘Oh my God, I gotta get this baby, said Deputy Ford. So I start tipping her forward, start patting on her and filly she makes out this little wimp, and my heart just sank. So it’s by far the scariest, but most amazing thing I’ve ever done.

Baby Pippon was born into the world with her first hero wearing a badge, rather than a cape. Deputy Ford and Jason Harris were recognized for their actions in the delivery.

Source: KDLT News

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