The Brandon Valley School Board has taken disciplinary measures regarding the two high school students that were caught in class with an unloaded handgun and two knives in December.

KDLT News is reporting, that a decision to expel the two students came down during an executive session of the Brandon Valley board meeting.

The incident which took place at the Brandon Valley High School on Tuesday, (December 19) caused the school to go into a brief lockdown mode while authorities investigated. Once the investigation was complete, the two students were suspended, and then later expelled.

According to KDLT News, the latest ruling carries a 12 month expulsion period based on state law and school policy when a firearm is found on school property. However, since no ammunition was present, and there was no direct threat, or intent to harm students or staff at the time of the incident, Brandon Valley Superintendent Jarod Larson felt compelled to reduce the consequence.

As a result of the reduction, KDLT News is reporting the two students will be expelled from the Brandon Valley High School for the remainder of this school year. The students will be given curriculum they are required to complete from home.

Prior to the start of the next school year, the two students will undergo a threat assessment and be allowed to enroll at an alternative high school in Sioux Falls for classes beginning in the fall of 2018.

Larson told KDLT News, “It’s extremely important for us to give these students an opportunity to stay on the path to graduation. It’s absolutely critical for our students in these situations.”

The two students made a really bad choice that day. Choices have consequences and this is the disciplinary measure handed down said Larson.

Source: KDLT News

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