Flood levels of the Big Sioux River have continued to rise, displacing several residents in Dell Rapids.

Jason Gearman with the Minnehaha County Emergency Management team says if you evacuate, be prepared that it could be a while before returning after the waters subside. "It's going to continue for almost a week, with a little bit lower but extremely high flows, so that's what they need to be prepared for," said Gearman.  "If you're gonna leave your house and you're in that floodplain, be prepared to leave for a considerable amount of time."

Gearman says to bring personal items that you may need for a week or more such as medications, cell phone and charger, and other personal items.

Sandbagging operations continue in Sioux Falls and townships.  Gearman preparation could mean moving items from the basement upstairs.

The humane society and animal control say to make arrangements for livestock and take your pets with you, as they have room available for temporary shelter while pet owners evacuate.

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