The death sentence for South Dakota inmate Rodney Berget will be carried out this fall.

Berget was sentenced to death for killing Ronald 'R.J.' Johnson who was a correctional officer at the South Dakota State Penitentiary in Sioux Falls in 2011.

Judge Bradley Zell has issued a warrant of execution to be carried out sometime between October 28 and November 3 of this year.

Berget was assisted in the killing by fellow inmate Eric Robert during an escape attempt. Robert was executed in October of 2012.

The specific time and date will be selected by the Warden of the State Penitentiary.

KSFY TV reports that according to South Dakota law, the warden must request the presence of the attorney general, the trial judge before whom the conviction was had or the judge's successor in office, the state's attorney and sheriff of the county where the crime was committed, representatives of the victims, at least one member of the news media, and a number of reputable adult citizens to be determined by the warden.

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