The state of Iowa is filled with many wonderful creatures. Yes Hawkeye fans, the Cyclone faithful are among them. Native to Iowa we have some docile, even cute native animals.

You'll find a large number of fury forest animals, including white-tail deer, gray foxes, red foxes, coyotes, and bobcats. While deer can certainly be a nuisance or even dangerous when struck by a car, for the most part, those are some mild-mannered animals.

There is one animal, or creature, that we have in Iowa that I wish we didn't. And, a "fun" fact, it's the deadliest creature in the world.

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This little bugger that I'm talking about calls Iowa, and many other states its home. And while it lives a lot less time than any of the above-mentioned critters, it's so abundant, that you'll no doubt encounter one, or hundreds, during the spring and summer months.

That creature, which is the most deadly on earth according to Science Focus is none other than the mighty mosquito.

Photo by Yogesh Pedamkar on Unsplash
Photo by Yogesh Pedamkar on Unsplash

According to Science Focus, the mosquito kills a whopping 725,000 humans each year. The reason? Mosquitos can quickly spread diseases, like malaria, when they bite humans.

One bit of good news in all this, in Iowa, mosquito season is just about over. Soon enough a hard freeze will kill the remaining skeeters off, and we'll be safe. Well, until spring that is.

Other deadly animals that we also have in Iowa according to Science Focus are humans (yep), dogs, and snakes - though we don't have nearly as many of the deadly venomous ones as other places.

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