In August 2020, a derecho storm rolled through the state of Iowa and caused horrific damage throughout the region.

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Not only was it a storm that many had never heard of before, the pure volume of damage accompanied by the huge winds, truly was unique and scary.

One family's dash cam video from the storm in Grimes, IA captured the storm and its 100 MPH winds.

That video, two years later has been viewed by over 21 million people and is a constant reminder of how dangerous those derecho storms can truly be.

According to, a derecho storm is a very long-lived and damaging thunderstorm. A storm is classified as a derecho if the wind damage swath extends more than 240 miles and has wind gusts of at least 58 mph or greater along most of the length of the storm's path.

Hopefully, you never find yourself in the middle of one of these catastrophic storms.



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