If you have a hard time saying no to that Burger King Whooper or McDonald's Big Mac, it may be because you were born to crave fatty foods - genetically speaking.

Although it's a relatively small number, a new study found that a certain portion of the population has a genetic variant that actually predisposes them to prefer fatty foods.

At the heart of the research is the hormone leptin and a particular gene known as MC4R. Apparently, if your MC4R gene is defective, it affects your leptin hormone, which in turn impacts your food intake - particularity your craving for fatty foods.

Doctors are quick to point out, however, that even though these kinds of studies are relatively small in scope, it does bring up an important discussion about fat, and which ones are good for you and which ones are bad.

The best advice they say is to stick to those healthy fats like avocados and nuts whenever possible, and try to avoid the fried or processed foods.

Source: ABC News Radio

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