Instagram/Dairy Queen
Instagram/Dairy Queen

The Dairy Queen Cororation has decided to pull an online ad they were running after complaints started to come in claiming the ad amounted to public shaming of working parents in this country. Dairy Queen posted the ad on the company's social media accounts.

The ad featured a kids choir singing the lyrics, "Are you working Mom and Dad? Of course you are." It goes on to say that kids are spending more time with the neighbors than their parents. And then suggests that parents can fix it by, "Hanging out with them and eating a blizzard." Another ad claimed parents are too glued to their phones.

The website working-mother-dot-com was the first to bring the issue to light, saying Dairy Queen is doing nothing more than serving up guilt to all working parents in this country. "We don't need an ice cream chain to make us working parents feel worse than we already do."

Dairy Queen has since pulled down the ad.

Source: USA Today

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