The other day I was on YouTube and stumbled upon a series of videos that were discussing things that financially well off people do with their money.

Of course, Dave Ramsey comes up whenever money financial advice or how to be savvy with your money is put into Google. I'm a huge fan of him and his 'seven baby steps'. But I came across this video that lays out 20 different habits of frugal people.

Some of the habits mentioned seemed kind of obvious to me more than others but there were a few the video pointed out I hadn't thought about.

Brand loyalty is something we see quite frequently in our modern culture; some people only buy one brand of cell phone for instance.

But this video stated that frugal people aren't that brand loyal. Sure they have their favorites and preferences but when it comes to cars, computers, and higher-priced items they save a lot of money by comparing different makes and models.

Of course, no one wants to constantly be worrying about pinching their pennies together or frantically awaiting payday before their next bill is due. However, some smaller financial decisions over time really do add up to bigger savings in the long run.

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