As we see February come to an end and get set to head into March, it's time to start talking about a new planting season. It seems like only yesterday that we were focusing on the harvest.

There's a lot of work going on out in the machine sheds at this time, as farmers are readying their equipment for the new planting season right around the corner.

I'm hoping we don't have a delay like last April due to weather. 2018 was too challenging with late planting and then extremely wet at harvest time.

Let's see what the picture is out in the fields now. Soil moisture supplies in South Dakota appear to be in good shape as spring planting season nears.

The federal Agriculture Department says in its monthly crop report that 86 percent of subsoil moisture supplies and 96 percent of topsoil moisture supplies are rated adequate to surplus.

The state's winter wheat crop is rated mostly in fair to good condition.

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