Each spring there are always a number of things to look forward to as we finally emerge from months of cold temperatures and break out our warmer weather attire.

It's not just shorts and t-shirts though, it's also what we're wearing on our feet.

Yes, it's Crocs season again, which depending on your opinion of the squishy sandals, is either good news or bad news.

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Like them or not, 2021 is the 20th anniversary of the footwear, which was rolled out in 2001 at a boat show in Florida with an initial run of 200 pairs. Since then the Niwot, Colorado-based company has sold 300 million Crocs worldwide.

So now, two decades later, where is demand for these trendy clogs greater than ever and where has the bloom fallen off the Croc rose?

WishListed.com has looked at the latest Google Trends for Croc searches online and they found that the folks in America's 'First State' are cuckoo for Crocs.

Online searches for Crocs among Delaware residents are up 104 percent over the last year, as the state catapulted from 13th in 2020 to the top spot on this year's list. But they aren't alone in their enthusiasm, six other places have seen dramatic jumps in Croc interest in the past 12 months: California (+150%), Nevada (+131%), Arizona (+130%), Louisiana (+120%), Texas (+100%), and Washington DC (+100%).

So what level of Crocs frenzy are we experiencing in South Dakota?

Our searches are up six percent from last year, but not enough to keep us from tumbling a full eight spots on the list of the most Croc obsessed states in America - 47th overall.

And while Crocs are a nice, comfortable, practical choice for a lot of people, there are some options available that may be easy on the feet but they are extremely tough on the eyes.


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