It's the end of the line for one particular color! Crayola recently announce that on Friday (March 31) they will officially retire a color from their 24-count box set for the first time in their 100 year history.

But Which one?

According to, Crayola isn't saying yet which crayon is getting kicked out, but they have retired colors in the past, just not from their 24-box count, so it will be a popular color.

Back in 2003 the colors Blizzard Blue, Magic Mint, Teal Blue and Mulberry were retired. And in 1990, Blue Gray, Lemon Yellow, Raw Umber, Maize, Green Blue, Orange Red, Orange Yellow, and Violet Blue were officially given the boot!

Once a color is retired, the company will cease production of that color forever! The big reveal will happen in Times Square at 8:15 AM Friday on National Crayon Day and will Crayola will be live streaming the event.

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