University of South Dakota student-athlete has grabbed the attention of the popular NBC series The Voice as the show prepares for its upcoming season.

Like any other college athlete, USD Junior Griffin Wolner has a lot going on in and out of the classroom.  When Wolner isn't working on his medical biology major and minor in psychology, he can be found in the swimming pool competing for the Yotes' swim team.  In addition to Wolner's passions for school and sports, he also loves music.  In fact, Griffin recently auditioned for The Voice.

According to the USD student newspaper The Volante, the Minnesota native auditioned and received a callback a few months ago from the popular singing competition.  Griffin never seriously thought about trying out until one of his friends encouraged him to share his talents with the world. "My friend Payton Ryz was one of the first people who suggested in auditioning for The Voice, she always has such a high and exciting energy and really pushed me to do it,” Wolner shared with The Volante.

Obviously, the COVID-19 pandemic has created a lot of challenges in the entertainment industry.  Instead of holding auditions in person, The Voice viewed potential contestants online.  Within 20 minutes, Griffin discovered that he advanced past the first round of auditions.  He didn't even tell anyone that he was auditioning until he knew he had a shot of being on the show.

Well, l wouldn't be surprised if we see Griffin on the new season of The Voice!  Wolner told The Volante that he has already submitted his second round of auditions which included three full covers.

It's not the first time South Dakota has been represented on the NBC singing competition.  Remember Jej Vinson from Flandreau?  He took the competition by storm with his powerful vocals after his first audition.

At the time, he blew me away, and I knew I had to learn more about him.  So I did!  When I was with KDLT News, I followed his entire journey and featured him on "Someone You Should Know."  Jej was thrilled and grateful for the support from his second home.

Let's hope for another successful campaign for this contestant who has a South Dakota connection!  Good luck, Griffin!  We will keep an eye out for you on The Voice premiering March 1st!

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