There's encouraging news out of Japan where a drug maker there says it has developed a pill that can kill the flu virus in as little as one day.

This as hospitals and waiting rooms here in this country fill up and Congress introduces a bill to "mandate research aimed at creating a more effective flu faccine."

Now before you get all excited and rush out to your doctor to see if he or she has the pill in stock, the earliest it could be available here in this country is next year.

Acting Center for Disease Control Director Dr. Anne Schuchat says even if it's true, the drug would still have to go through the Food and Drug Administration approval process.

Which means, for the time being, you still need to be extra careful about who you come in contact with and whether or not they're showing signs of the flu.

But hopefully by next year at this time, there will be a drug on the market to kill off the flu bug in as little on one day - keep your fingers crossed.

Source: Live Science

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