For almost everyone, navigating around the workplace has it's challenges as well as mysteries. You have to know how to agree and you need to know how to say no.

The people around you may have completely different motives than what they appear to. You need to stay focused on your job and do it well, without letting anyone interfere.

Some people are worried about everyone else's business. My policy is that I don't care what anyone does unless it affects me. And only worry about what you can control.

Always avoid having an enemy, but you don't necessarily have to be friends with everybody. However, it is nice to have a friend at work.

When do you know you've become friends with a co-worker? A good indicator might be when you can complain together. The ability to gossip or grumble about work with a co-worker is a signal of comfort with each other that can be the beginning of a strong workplace friendship.

But some people warn against workplace gossip and say excessive chatter among co-workers can lead to a deteriorating work culture. And just be careful what you are complaining about.

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