In this adorable video, a baby calf is shown walking for the very first time, thanks to an ingenious wheelchair built specifically for it by a company out of New Hampshire.

The baby cow, known as Ruby Sue, was born with her two hind legs attached together. In medical terms, the condition is called "Curly Calf Syndrome", and affects the calf's legs, hips, and spine, which in turn, causes paralysis.

Normally in the farming and ranching world, the calf would have to be euthanized, but in this case, Ruby Sue caught a lucky break. Walkin' Pets out of Amherst, New Hampshire donated the custom made wheelchair to the Austin, Texas-based animal shelter, Safe In Austin Rescue, which reports that Ruby Sue is a happy, healthy calf, who is building the strength she now needs in her front legs to use the device made to its fullest extent.

Find out more about Walkin' Pets and their campaign here. And to see the work being done by the Safe in Austin Rescue organization, visit their website here.


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