One of the greatest things in a boy's life is playing baseball in the summer. Some of my favorite memories take me back to playing the game in summers long ago.

In my adult life, I've enjoyed the seasons with the kids of today, working as a coach. It's a lot of work, but coaching kid's baseball, is very enjoyable.

I watch the boys play, and I see myself 40 years ago. And I think of the coaches I had back then and how they impacted my life.

I realize, after being on both sides of the fence, how serious of a job it is to coach children. It's more than teaching how to play the game.

You have to keep things positive and fun in order for the game to be successful. If all you do is point out what they are doing wrong, the whole thing will fall apart real fast. Instead, focus on what they're doing right and give encouragement.

If they try to make a catch and miss it, I tell them, "Way to hustle." Then, without criticizing, I show them how to do it right at a later time.

If they blow a play, I tell them, "Mistakes are OK." Then I point out that the most important play is the next play.

As far as the parents, I strongly encourage them to not criticize their children on how they play. If you do, trust me, your kids will hate it!

My best advise to parents of children playing baseball, is limit yourself to only talking about two things in the car on the way home. Tell them you enjoyed watching them play, and talk about getting something to eat. Ask them what they're hungry for after playing so hard.

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