Lawmakers in Minnesota are expressing concern about chronic wasting disease in deer herds in neighboring Wisconsin - which, in turn, has South Dakota lawmakers sitting up and taking notice, wondering if the same could happen here.

Because of how the disease has spread in Wisconsin, some Minnesota lawmakers want to crack down on deer farms in the southeastern part of the state. They point to Wisconsin, where the fatal brain disease has taken over complete deer herds. Their main concern is the same thing could happen in Minnesota if the state doesn't take a more aggressive action soon - making South Dakota officials wondering the same thing.

In response to the Wisconsin outbreak, a bill has been introduced in the Minnesota Legislature to require 10-foot-high double fencing around all commercial deer and elk farms in order to protect the wild deer. There are also plans in the works to introduce a measure to allow authorities to kill off infected captive herds.

While chronic wasting disease hasn't been shown to infect humans, health officials do warn against eating infected animals.

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