Every once in a while I find myself daydreaming as I drive around Sioux Falls. The city is nestled in and around the Big Sioux River. Before there were hospitals and buildings there were rolling hills and draws that were probably teeming with loads of wildlife.

While cruising to work, when I see a deer crossing sign and quite often deer crossing in that area, I wonder about deer and the deer population here in Sioux Falls. Back in the day, hunters would no doubt hunt these same hills and draws to find game. The people came, the cars came, the trucks and buildings and cement and steel, and yet the whitetail deer find a way to adapt and live amongst us.

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A couple of years ago, I sat in a tree stand all day long. Sun up to sundown and yes I saw deer. Lots of deer. But then, coming home I just about hit the biggest deer I had seen all day, on Cliff Avenue near the river.

Over the year, there have been legendary bucks here in Sioux Falls. The buck that hung out near I-229 on the north side of town was a brute. Many a hunter looked at photos of the monster and wondered what he would look like in the back of their pickup.

JD Collins

Hanging on the wall of The Outdoor Campus is another deer people talk about. Yep, he also grew up near the looping Big Sioux right here in Sioux Falls. I believe he actually hung out near the Outdoor Campus but also spent time roaming around near The Good Sams Facility.  He is a non-typical hoss that any hunter would like hanging in their den.

A couple of years ago, Thea Miller Ryan sent me this photo. Another Outdoor Campus monarch that wandered around. A couple of times, we spotted this deer near our building. (just across 57th Street from Outdoor Campus)  When Trav was doing mornings here on Kickin' Country he actually shot a video of either this deer or his brother.

Thea Miller Ryan

Long story short, it is nothing short of amazing the size some of these deer can get here in Sioux Falls. Little hunting pressure, and evidently good eating and great genetics.

Yesterday, I noticed that Stephanie Peters Spader had posted a pic of a nice buck. This rascal was standing like a statue near 41st and Bahnson.

Stephanie Peters Spader

The rut is about to start. It won't be long and these deer will be running. If you travel in a car to work it would be a good idea to keep your eyes open at all times. A few years ago, Scotty Collins smoked a nice buck at 12:30 PM in the afternoon on I-229 near Louise Avenue.

It's deer time. Watch for them. In the meantime, hunters like myself will be gearing up to get out and help keep that deer population in check.


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