The largest ice maze in the entire United States is only a short drive away. But it's much more than a maze. With all of the unique activities, this place has to offer, your family could spend the entire day here.

The Zephyr Theatre's Ice Palace Maze opens on January 14th and folks from far and wide are already buzzing about it. Located in the town of Stillwater, it not only has the country's biggest maze but a little something for adults too.

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How about a bar made out of ice? They've got it. They also serve hot chocolate, smores, and even a 36-foot ice slide for kids of all ages.

This maze took over 500 thousand pounds of ice to make, then, a number of days to carve out the more than 1500 carefully carved blocks. It's a half-mile of twisted pathways, along with a 9' wall. Once you're able to conquer the maze, you're rewarded with the (optional) ice slide.

Outside the maze, you might be lucky enough to see the Ice Queen, Elsa, strolling the grounds too.

For more information on ticket prices, dates and times, parking details, as well as the location of the maze, visit the Ice Palace website here.

Check out this video below from WCCO TV to watch the maze take shape.

Story Source: WCCO via YouTube

Story Source: Stillwater Zephyr Theatre via Facebook

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