Are you aware of a perfect weekend getaway that's only about three and half hours from the Sioux Empire? A trip up north to Fargo, North Dakota should be included on your weekend bucket list. There are a ton of great things to do and many fabulous spots to visit in the Fargo area!

Downtown Fargo is more than what it appears to be, especially when you venture into the alleyways. So what’s so special about the alleyways in Fargo? Well, there are little surprises hidden within the alleyways that make Downtown Fargo the perfect "Instagramable" city.

Greetings Tour in Fargo, North Dakota is responsible for creating and highlighting all the murals that are painted on the alleyway walls in the city. This artistic entity indicates that "North Dakota is commonly the last-visited state for some odd reason." Greetings Tour provides no real explanation for this situation. In an effort to attract tourists to the city and account for the loss of tourism in 2020, Greetings Tour made it its mission to  "timeless art landmarks" in Fargo. There was even a community mural grant to help bring these murals to fruition.

It was such a pleasant surprise to see this beautiful artwork in Fargo. Check out these murals. Which one is your favorite?

Fargo Murals

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