I have an update on beef, and it's good news for the beef industry. I personally endorse beef as a wise choice for your next meal. I have been a promoter of beef my entire life.

I will now go to my big scoreboard and chalk up a win for beef and a loss for fake meat. This latest score comes simply from the popular choice of the masses of people out there.

We can all agree that the world's largest burger chain is our friends with the golden arches. I think any measurement they do on the popularity of real meat is legitimate.

McDonald's did a trial run with meatless patties. They have reported the results don't guarantee a spot on the menu for this item. In other words, not many people ordered the fake meat burger.

In my words, nobody in their right mind chose to eat the disgusting non-beef burger. If you are a vegetarian, I'm fine with that, and we can be friends. You have the right to choose to be one.

However, for everyone out there that's in the mood for a burger, I will join you for one. And before we take a bite, there will be an all beef patty sizzling on a grill.

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