Cars and Coffee of Siouxland.  It's labeled as the 'Most Diverse Car Show in South Dakota' and as my pictures below reveal, it definitely lives up to that hype.

This potpourri of cars and trucks is held on the second Saturday of the month from April through October.  It starts at 8:30 am and wraps up at 10 am.

July 11 was the first Cars and Coffee of 2020 as the April, May, and June events were canceled due to COVID.

What can you expect at a Cars and Coffee of Siouxland event? A little bit of everything. First, there are no 'classes' like you might find at a typical car show. There are no trophies or awards. There are people of all ages there. It's very laid back.

You'll see everything from a 1975 AMC Hornet to a 1967 Lamborgini Miura valued at well over $1 million and anything in between.

If you have a rare, unique, or otherwise special car, show up, find a place to park, and socialize with other car people. Even if you don't have a car to show, come out anyway and check out all the interesting cars. Everyone there is happy to talk about their car.

The location is Meta Payment Systems, 5501 South Broadband Land, Sioux Falls.

Here are some pictures of the July 2020 event.

Cars and Coffee July 2020

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