It was a chilly start for the Memorial Day weekend, however, that didn't stop about 50 car owners to congregate for the second Cars and Coffee of Siouxland event of 2021 in Sioux Falls. The event was smaller than usual, possibly due to the holiday weekend, or maybe it was the wind and rain that kicked up toward the end, but there were many interesting cars that showed up.

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The highlight of the gathering was the appearance of a 2019 Ford GT Carbon Series. The design is incredible on this car and so is the price tag, I was told it cost nearly $750,000 when new. The owner brought along his 2005 Ford GT as well.

Cars and Coffee of Siouxland is held from April to August on the last Saturday of the month at the Meta Payment Systems parking lot, 5501 S. Broadband Lane in Sioux Falls.

Cars and Coffee Of Siouxland 5-28-21

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