You've lived in South Dakota forever, or so it seems. And as far as South Dakota goes, in the words of the classic song I've Been Everywhere you have been, well, everywhere!

But how close do you pay attention to all the wonderful South Dakota towns and places you've been? Do you take in all the people, the places, the structures, the beauty, the...well, everything?

OK then, just for fun, take a look at the picture below.

via 8K Next YouTube Image
via 8K Next YouTube Image

Go ahead, study it for a minute.  Look familiar? Like...maybe yes, you have seen that building...somewhere.

Let me give you 3 clues, 3 hints:

1) If you happen to be in Sioux Falls, or Brookings, maybe Mitchell or Lennox, well as Horace Greeley once famously said 'Go West Young Man!' (or woman)

2) If you're on the beaten path that is Interstate 90, get off it! But whoa, whoa, whoa...not too far!

3) There's a decent chance that folks over a hundred twenty five years ago would think this might be home!

Alright, that's enough, you should pretty much have it by now.

To find out if you're right just click here to find the answer and take a video tour.

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