I haven't lived in every great town in the state of South Dakota. That would take some time and while I've been upright and taking oxygen on the planet a good long while, it hasn't been that long.

My first eighteen years were spent over that way, in the Gopher State, the Land of 10,000 Lakes. And then I crossed the border, motored just a week bit west and...Bingo!

It was in May of 1974 that my journey on becoming a South Dakotan began. A fresh-faced punk kid, wet-behind-the-ears and ready to tackle the world.

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It's coming up on forty-eight years now, all of it spent here in the Sunshine State, the home of Mt. Rushmore, Wall Drug, the World's Only Corn Palace, and Falls Park. I've seen and visited them all and have bounced around the state, living in seven of our finest communities.

So...just how well do you know South Dakota? Can you identify the towns I've lived in from just one photograph? One picture? One image? Take a look at the pictures below and make your guess. Then scroll a little further and take a video tour of each town.

Get all seven right? Sure you did.

Now then, off we go to each South Dakota town I've been happy to call my home, my town.

First up is Winner. God Bless Al Clark for hiring an 18-year-old kid at KWYR Radio. It was always a good time in Winner, great folks, and yep...for those first couple weekends of Pheasant Season, it was a hustling, bustling town.

Then it was off to Aberdeen. Absolutely loved the people there in the Hub City and I learned a very valuable lesson: If you're moving to Aberdeen in December, be sure and bring a parka.

We put KV91 radio on the air in 1981, a brand new radio station. The studio and offices were on Main Street in Volga back in the day and it took me a bit of time to properly pronounce Cossacks.

I moved just down the road into Brookings and discovered hey! They have a college here! I was happy to do play-by-play for SDSU as well as Brookings and Sioux Valley High Schools.

Go West, Young Man! And so I was off to Sturgis and KBHB. A nice quiet town...well, there was that party in late July and early August.

Then I made Rapid City my home. For about 15 years I was a hometown tourist. And that hotel there, the Alex Johnson? Some folks say that's a haunted building. Me? I haunted a lot of places in Rapid.

And then here, home, Sioux Falls. I'm still discovering great things and places here after over 22 years.

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