There's always something magical about Christmas lights during the holiday season. Wouldn't it be awesome if you could keep the Christmas lights on for the entire year? Wait a can!

If you want to shine your Christmas lights on your house all year long, then go ahead! There is currently no ordinance or regulation in the City of Sioux Falls that precludes residents from having Christmas lights on their houses throughout the year.  One has to wonder though if there is a downside to keeping the holiday cheer going all year round!?!

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Apparently, in some cities and towns across the United States, there are rules and regulations in place that prohibits residents from keeping their Christmas lights displayed. In the City of Sioux Falls, there are no limits. You have every right to leave your lights on your home.

I reached out to the Neighborhood Revitalization Manager Matt Tobias of the City of Sioux Falls, and he indicated there is really no reason to take down your Christmas lights. "Currently we do not have any ordinances or regulations on the books in regards to the amount of time against the amount of time Christmas lights can be up," states Matt Tobias.

This is great news for anyone who wishes that Christmas remain one continuous event. The downside to this? Well...your neighbors may not be entirely happy with you. When I asked Sioux Falls residents about displaying Christmas lights all year long, I received some mixed opinions:

My neighbor has had Christmas lights up/on since Christmas 2017.

We should have more of them, all year round. In fact, if I could permanently install led lights on the outside of my house, I would. A different color for every holiday!

My damn neighbors have theirs up already, 362 days before Christmas!

Would you leave your Christmas lights up all year round?

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