Ah, monthly bills. Aren't they the best? Especially every time when you turn on the light switch you can see your money being used up right before your eyes. Literally.

Or when you turn on the electric heater in the cooler evenings like we have been experiencing lately.

But how much do we in South Dakota on average spend on our electric bills in a month?

Turns out it might be lower than you think.

According to Electricity Local, the average residential electric bill in South Dakota is around $99.

This makes South Dakota come in at 32nd in the US.

The average electric bill in the US is currently around $107.

However, the average industrial electricity bill in South Dakota comes in around $5,159, which ranks 37th in the nation.

Wow, could you imagine that as your electric bill each month??? I think I'll stick to my $67.00 a month bill thank you.

During the wintertime, I wonder how much the average electric bill is then especially with how cold our winters get. Remember those -30 degree days?

What about your household? Are you above, below, or right around our state's average?

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