Odd Flavored Candy Canes

Here is some food for thought. It's almost Christmas time again. It's Sept. 19th. (Talk Like A Pirate Day!) That means only 97 shopping days until Christmas.

I was doing a little web-surfing when an ad popped up for Christmas Candy Canes. But they were not advertising your traditional peppermint flavor candy canes. They were flavors like Pickle, Bacon, Gravy, Mac & Cheese, and Coffee.

Prices ranged from $14.80 for a 2 pack of Fancy Pickle Flavored Candy Canes to $39.00 for the Meat Maniac Ultimate Sampler Pack which included Bacon, Coffee, Gravy, & Wasabi.

And for only $14.99 you can pick up Brach's Candy Cane Mystery Mix. I have no idea what's in that?

I've got to tell ya, I wouldn't mind trying some of these. I'm intrigued by some of these non-traditionally flavored candies but I'm not sure If I'm $39.00 dollars worth of intrigue.

Let me ask, would you try some of these flavors or serve them to your holiday guests?

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