Are insights from someone who has seen many weddings over the years something to take seriously? According to an article on the website Do You Remember, there are some interesting observations about wedding behaviors from the perspective of a wedding photographer that could portend the success and/or failure of a marriage.

According to the story, one of the first observations surrounds the cutting of the cake.  “The cake cutting is the biggest sign of whether a couple will last. Some people like to jokingly smear the cake everywhere, and some people don’t. But usually, the couple is in sync about this. Whenever I’ve seen one of them force cake all over the other’s face, the marriage has ended in divorce.”

Some other things to watch for involve the choice of music, the location of the ceremony, and the actions of the wedding party.

Of these 10 things, there are some I can totally agree with. Like the cake in face ritual that one person seems to enjoy too much. That has always made me slightly uncomfortable at weddings.

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