A rising Texas country singer and his band were involved in an accident over the long 4th of July weekend in which a man lost his life.

According to a GoFundMe page, on July 3 singer Cameran Nelson and his band were traveling to a scheduled show in Del Rio, Texas for an Independence Day celebration when their tour bus was hit by another car. The tour bus driver swerved to attempt to avoid the collision and wound up running off the road into a ditch, which caused the trailer full of equipment they were pulling to break away from the bus. An occupant of the other vehicle was killed, and Nelson and his band lost their trailer and their equipment.

The shaken singer turned to Facebook to give fans the grim news, writing, "Today was one of the scariest days of my life. I'm very thankful that everyone in my camp is safe. As many miles as we travel, this is a nightmare that you never want to come true or witness. We are all shaken up, but again very thankful to be ok. I just want to go home, hug my family, and try to calm down. Everyone's thoughts and prayers should be with the man that passed away."

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He also shared a series of pictures depicting the damage to the bus, as well as the wreckage of the trailer. Another picture shows wreckage strewn all over the road as well as the other car involved in the accident, the driver's side of which appears to be totaled.

A friend of the band started the GoFundMe page to try to raise $10,000 for the band to replace the lost equipment and trailer. The campaign has so far raised $4,500 of its $10,000 goal.

Country singers had a particularly tough 4th of July weekend. Toby Keith's daughter, singer Krystal Keith, and her family were struck by a drunk driver on July 4 in an accident that she says "almost took the lives of my entire family." Fortunately, everyone is going to be okay, but Keith is asking for prayers.

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