When's the last time you did something silly like when you were a child? If it's been awhile, you're in luck. Today (7/9) is 'Be a Kid Again Day.' It's a day to let your guard down and be a little silly and enjoy the simple things in life.

As adults we worry way too much about how others percieve us and as a result don't slow down enough to enjoy the moments of the day. So today, on 'Be a Kid Again Day,' don't worry so much, just slow down and go with the flow.

Take the time today to do something you did when you were a child, or do something you always wanted to do when you were younger but never took the time, or had the chance to do.

For example:

  • Eat nothing but ice cream for a meal,
  • Make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich,
  • Pig out on sweet snacks or cotton candy,
  • Eat an entire box of macaroni and cheese,
  • Go to a childrens themed restaurant, like Chuck E. Cheese's,
  • Inhale some helium and talk in a goofy voice,
  • Cool off by running through the sprinkler or have a water balloon fight,
  • Color or draw a picture,
  • Make faces at strangers,
  • Sing and dance for no reason,
  • Pet every dog you pass by during the day.

Just a few examples of how you can have fun today. The point to all this is act like a kid again - you're long over due,

Source: Live Happy

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