If you're searching for a new job that comes with a really nice signing bonus. look no further than Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. The company has announced plans to hire 35-hundred additional workers by the end of the year,

Oh - and I almost forgot to mention - some of the positions come with a $25-thousand signing bonus!

At a time when finding good employees is as tough as it's ever been, BNSF is offering up to $25-thousand in signing bonuses for hourly workers including electricians, boilermakers and pipe-fitters.

It's not very often when you hear of blue-collar workers being offered that kind of signing bonus. Usually only white-collar workers have been able to demand that much money up front.

Amy Casas is the railroad's director of corporate communications. "We want to meet our customers' needs and we're going to do what we need to do to hire for our company."

BNSF currently operates in 28 different states. To find out more about what jobs Burlington Northern currently has available, go to the company's website.

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