Geez, my childhood memories are falling like dominoes. At least, my childhood retail memories.

The lunch counter at Woolworth's. The photo booth at Kmart. The Sears Christmas catalog.

And now Sears itself.

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When I saw the last Sears store closed yesterday (Sunday, November 14) in Illinois, it was kind of sad. Oh, I've heard all the reasons why these stores have bought the brick-and-mortar retail farm. I get that somehow this is 'progress' or 'just the way it is in the world today.'

I'm sure our Grandparents or Great-Grandparents felt the same way when that first tractor showed up in the neighborhood. Well, there goes our horse, 'ol Nellie, literally put out to pasture.

And so it is, some of the biggest names from my growing-up years are being put out to pasture. Or, in some cases, put out to 'on-line'.


I suppose it happens to every generation. Big names, familiar names, in fact...warm names. Done.

The Sears catalog left the planet years ago I guess. Heck, we used to look forward to that just about as much as we looked forward to birthdays or Christmas. And I remember walking with my Dad through the Sears tool aisle, him looking at all those things he couldn't afford...or maybe he was just too tight (Dutch, you know).

Shopping at Sears. And then a stop at the stand-alone A&W for a root beer on the way home.

So long, Sears. It sure was good to know ya.

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