When we think of athletes and merchandise some automatically think of the iconic Wheaties boxes. Over the years the most well know superstars have been on this iconic breakfast cereal.

Well, thanks to Buche Foods some Pine Ridge School students got to live out this dream and through the promotion, the school received  $1,160.

Buche Foods
Buche Foods

Both the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams were featured on the front of the iconic Wheaties cereal boxes for a limited time period. Buche Foods started the promotion back in April of 2018 and $5 from every box sold was donated back to the school.

“Thanks to the generosity of this community, Buche Foods was able to write a check to the Pine Ridge school for $1,160”. “This is an exciting promotion for us, we love being able to put pictures of area youth teams on something iconic like a Wheaties box while raising money for area schools.” RF Buche shared.

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